Customer Rewards

At Barley Malt & Vine, we've tried every form of advertising on the market over the years.  We've found that the very best advertising is 'word of mouth'.  When our customers are happy, they tell their friends & family.  Our products are the best on the market, our 100% satisfaction guarantee has no * attached to it & our staff is committed to making your experience with us the best it can be.

Many of our new customers arrive at the store & introduce themselves by saying "I was sent in by my friend"  This happens so often that it spawned the "Send a Friend" rewards program.  This reward is in addition to our "Buy 12, your 13th is FREE" program. 

Buy 12 Wine or Beer kits; 13th kit Free  

Our POS (point of sale) system keeps track of your purchases and when you have purchased 12 wine (or beer/cider) kits (at regular price or on sale up to 10% off), you will receive the average of your previous purchases in credit toward your 13th kit!

Send a Friend                              

When you are in the store and pick up a Send A Friend card to give to your friend, be sure to fill in your name and then give the card to your friend.  When your friend comes into  the store WITH the Send A Friend card, they get a discount off their first purchase and you will get a gift certificate for $20 in the mail!  It's that easy!  BUT, your friend HAS to have the Send A Friend card in hand when they come in! 

Send a Friend!

If you enjoy your Barley Malt & Vine experience, why not share it with your friends & family?  On your next visit to Barley, Malt & Vine pick up a few "Send a Friend" postcards.  Pass them on to folks you would like to introduce to us. 

When they present the postcard at BMV as a new customer, we'll give them a $10 discount on their first wine or beer kit,PLUS we'll mail you a  $20 gift certificate as our way of saying "Thanks!"

It's THAT easy!

Note that we occasionally have New Customer Appreciation Sales.  During these events, although the new customer will not receive the $10 discount on their first wine, beer or cider, the sale price will more than compensate for the usual $10 discount.

Buy 12 kits, your 13th is FREE

Sometimes called "the bakers dozen" (apparently bakers can't count!), this popular reward program tracks your wine or beer kit purchases automatically for you.  Once you've bought 12 wine or beer kits, you get a credit for the average amount of the 12 to be put toward your 13th kit.

We'd prefer to call this reward program "the Brewers dozen".   How about 'Lucky 13'?

Please note:  when we have a sale on, if the sale price is 10% off, then you will still receive credit toward your 13th kit.  If however the sale price is more than 10%, the sale price will not contribute to the 13th kit free promotion.