Frequently Asked Questions

"Are the new 'paper' labels as easy to remove as the old gummed labels or the new acrylic labels?"

The new 'paper' stock of some of the new labels come off easily as the acrylic labels if you are careful not to wet the label.  Keep the label dry and peel it off just like you do with the acrylic ones.  If you pull a little too hard and your label starts to tear, just put hot tap water into the bottle and let it sit for a minute to soften the glue up a bit more and try again.  It really works! 

DO NOT try to soak the new paper labels off.  They are not intended to be removed that way and will become gummy if they are wet.  They still come off if they are wet, they're just a bit more work.

"Can I make wine & beer that is as good as store bought brands?"

Our keen response is - Better!!  The technology behind "home made or brew-on-premise" wines is every bit as advanced as that used by commercial vineyards & breweries.  Our craft wines & beers are regularly awarded the highest honours at competitions held around the world, head to head with commericial offerings.

So, yes.  You can make very good wine or beer very easily.  It really is foolproof!

"Is it expensive?"

Not at all when compared to a similar quantity of commercial product.  Wine kits make 30 bottles of wine for as little as 5 dollars per bottle.  The beer kits make five & a half dozen beer for about a dollar a bottle!

These estimates are based on kit prices only & do not include extras such as brew on premise fees, bottles or equipment.

"I've never done any wine or beermaking on premise, what do I need to know and how much work is required of me."

The process starts with choosing the type of wine or beer you want to make and quality of the kit. After your purchase, you will start the process by sprinkling the yeast on the juice or wort to begin fermentation. We assist you at all times to whatever extent required.

After the batch is started you have no further obligations until the wine is ready to be bottled - we do all the hard work for you! We'll notify you by enmail when your batch is ready to be bottled.

When you arrive for your bottling appointment you need to sanitize your bottles, fill & cork them and finish by applying labels and shrink caps. We provide all the necessary equipment and assistance for you to accomplish this with ease.

"How long will it take?"

We offer you the choice of 4-week, 6-week and 8-week wine kits. Our 4-week wines are made from the finest blend of grape juice and concentrate. They are usually ready to drink in a few weeks after bottling. Our 6-week wines are made from premium quality grape juice blends. They are fuller bodied and require a longer aging time (at least 2 to 3 months). Our 8-week wine kits, with 100% varietal grape juice from country-specific vineyards, Selection Eclipse Series has re-defined the quality expectations of the advanced winemaker and the wine kit industry alike.

"Can I store my finished product in the Brew-On-Premise?"

Sorry;not only does the Liquor Control Act require it, we simply don't have the space or proper conditions to store your wine.  Once you bottle it, it's yours to take home!

"What about wine with food?"

The intricacies of wine can be released & enhanced with the correct food pairing.  We've got ideas galore for food & wine pairings, cooking with wine & drink recipes on our wine lifestyles page. 

"What about wine with cheese?"

Similar to how milk softens tea, cheese serves to round the tannic tastes of wine. Brie with sparkling wine is a good combination. Blue cheese overpowers most wines except dessert wines.

More answers can be found on the WineExpert wine wiki, here.