Getting married?

Be sure to drop in sooner rather than later so we can help coordinate and organize your event.

What’s the best options? White or Red? Mist or Limited Edition? Custom Wedding labels? Yeah – lots of decisions to be sure!  ANY of our staff can help you work through your choice of wedding libation & also provide insight into some of the pitfalls to avoid in relation to your home-made hootch at the church hall, legion or local convention centre.

Weddings are stressful enough, let us take care of the FUN part!


Wine on Premises

When we renovated the new building in 2007, the wine on premise was a huge factor.  The trend was growing exponentially & we wanted the cleanest, easist to maintain & most efficient operation that could be built.  So we did that! 

Our production areas & the two spacious customer bottling stations are purpose built, not adapted for use or add-ons.   This makes for happy staff & happy customers - both of which are vital to our success!

The wine on premise concept is pretty universal now & your wine on premises fee ($50.00 plus HST) means that once we get your wine started by having you sprinkle the yeast on the must, BMV staff do all the 'other' production stuff under rigidly controlled processes.  You will be notified when it is ready at which time you then call to book a bottling date.  You can either bring your own bottles in or buy new ones.  Once you run them through our magnificent bottle washer (FREE to WOP customers, otherwise it is a $4.99 + HST fee ), they'll be clean & sanitized & ready to go.  Staff is always on hand to assist with bottling questions & labeling, so there's really no worries!

Count on about forty minutes to an hour for the process.  It's worth noting that toward Christmas, EVERYONE is bottling & time slots are at a premium, so don't leave things til the last minute or you could be disappointed!