Barley, Malt & Vine JOB POSTING

We’re on the hunt for new talent at BMV! 

As Barley, Malt & Vine customers know, the staff at Barley, Malt & Vine is always knowledgeable, friendly & capable so it should come as no surprise that our staff is largely made up of 'former' customers.

What we laughingly refer to as work is really just an extension of the passion we share for wine & beer & all that goes along with it; ask us about food pairings!  Customers come to us because we know our products & we’re passionate about them – the products AND the customers.  If you enjoy wine, have a thirst for knowledge & a healthy appetite for laughter maybe you should consider applying for a position at Barley, Malt & Vine.

Our City Road location is a far cry from our humble hole in the wall beginnings at Westmorland Place 24  years ago.  As our customer base grew, so did we.  As our products & the market place changed, we changed right along with them, leading the local market in both products & service.  Where else are you going to find Beer & Wine making supplies, state of the art Ferment-On-Premises PLUS the world’s best Cat & Dog food ?

We have computerized on-premises tracking system and POS so a working knowledge of computer programs and software  will be something that we’ll be looking for on your resume.   You may not be familiar with our systems but if you are computer savvy it will be a breeze.

While retail is part of what this job entails, as our customer base continues to grow, the demands on our on-premises staff grow too, especially during sales and our peak 'busy' season(s).  The vital role of production of our wine and cider kits will also be part of this position.

If you think back to your last visit to Barley, Malt & Vine you’ll recall that everything in the store is heavy.  Those wine kits didn’t jump onto the shelves by themselves & the big bags of dog food are even less co-operative when being hiked to the second shelf.  We receive weekly orders & we all pitch in to help, but even just the day to day work requires heavy lift capabilities.  So in addition to a healthy attitude & computer skills, you will need a strong back.

Your previous career & experience is certainly of interest, but it doesn’t necessarily limit your “curb appeal” if there’s nothing related to what we do here at Barley, Malt & Vine.  Current & previous employees include a Community College & a High School Teacher, an Engineer, a corporate vice-president, a Dental Technician and a Baker among other careers.   That being said, if you have a background in brewing and have wine &/or beer knowledge, please tell us about it!  Our knowledge is what we pride ourselves on so any experience you bring to the table is a bonus!  After all, we have WINEXPERT right over our front door so we need to live up to our customer's expectations.

What we look for in prospective employees is what we look for when we shop at other stores; someone ready to welcome customers, willing & able to assist them with their purchase; someone who is pleasant to be around, someone who is always willing to lend a hand.   Those are the stores we tend to frequent – although they’re becoming harder & harder to find.

Your cover letter is vital.  Make yourself stand out. DO NOT apply for "any" position or positions that you are definitely not qualified for. Read the job description and write a cover letter that explains what YOU can do for the business.  Explain why you want THIS job and what skills you have that can be applied to the position you are applying for. If you want ANY job, the employer (me) is often going to look past you.

If you aren't sure, before applying, visit the store a few times, ask our staff questions and get a feel for how things operate. Barley, Malt & Vine has built its reputation for being the BEST by having the best products AND the best service – and that means the best people. 

Barley, Malt & Vine is a great place to work with great team mates and a clientele who want the best out of life!

Because Barley, Malt & Vine is very focused on the limited number of products we sell, it is imperative that our staff know these products and that new employees demonstrate sponge-like characteristics to be able to quickly come up to speed.  The ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound is over-rated in our opinion, but don’t leave it out of your resume if you can do it. 

Life is short, work & play should be fun.  The environment at Barley, Malt & Vine is a combination of work & play; wine and beer are our passion & our customers share our enthusiasm – you can’t really call that work!  But we’ll pay you anyway! 

This position is part-time with the number of hours fluctuating with the seasons.  Our schedule is very flexible at Barley, Malt & Vine because we want happy employees.  That being said, we are open retail hours six days a week, seven days a week in December (extended hours).  We now require two employees in the store at all times & more as required during peak season (see ‘seven days a week in December’ for reference). 

We're open at 9:30am, closing 5:30pm Monday - Wednesday, Thursday & Friday evenings close at 7pm, Saturday close at 4pm.

We will contact only those we want to interview; the candidates who truly have the potential to take us where we want to go.

Please submit your resume or application to 

Don't forget your show-stopping cover letter either!

We will contact you by phone if you are selected for an interview & schedule a time which fits with your schedule.

 Looking forward to meeting with you.